'Hold me close, under the sunset and let Gods reds and oranges soothe your eyes, like this is all a dream.'

Dr. draw - train 64

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Back home in North America, Dr. Draw’s onstage performances continue to propel CD sales. The day after an electrifying summer performance at Toronto’s Beaches Jazz Festival, sales of his third CD Adagio sold out across the city propelling Draw’s last release to #3 on the Nielsen SoundScan City Sales Chart. In fact, all three CDs have attained Top Ten status in Canada’s largest markets. In his native Toronto, Dr. Draw has charted on SoundScan for 3 summers in a row 2006-8 each time he played The Beaches Jazz Festival as well as selling thousands of CDs on-site at the jazz fest. Much like the varied underpinnings of Dr. Draw’s music, his concert list also strikingly diverse including venues such as the NXNE Music Conference and the Canadian Senate Chambers on the occasion of National Children’s Day.

Dr. Draw - Train 64Dr. Draw - Train 64Dr. Draw - Train 64Dr. Draw - Train 64